June 2012

Animal world

0612 AnimalWorld 02Oregonians' love for their pets propels the critter industry complex.

Flying high

0612 Dispatches Winterhawks 04The turnaround of the Portland Winterhawks is good news for more than just fans.

Ranking green buildings

Despite Oregon’s early embrace of sustainability and many prominent green builders, the state ranks 18th for number of LEED projects.

Saving today for tomorrow

0612 GamePlan CyArkOregon 01CyArk Oregon preserves endangered sites.

Bright lights, big city

0612 GamePlan 10SpeedCoffee 02A Hood River coffee shop hopes to break into the Los Angeles market this year, establishing itself in a place about as opposite its origin as it gets.

Staying afloat in rough waters

0612 GamePlan MaritimeServicesMaritime Services Corp. in Hood River had been enjoying a record workload heading into winter 2011.

Paddle power

0612 GamePlan NorgeboardAnother Bend entrepreneur is hoping to make his mark on the city, this time with “land paddle boarding,” a recreational activity that looks a bit like someone contorting his way through a Monty Python School of Funny Walks episode.