June 2012

Next: surgical safety

0612 NextSurgeons sometimes leave things inside patients — needles, scissors, even scalpels. Those items easily show up on X-rays, allowing doctors to find and remove them. But not surgical sponges.

Powerlist: credit unions

This month's Powerlist ranks credit unions by shares and deposits.

10 green ideas that will change the world

0612 10Transformative 01Bigger, greener, cleaner, brighter ideas that will change the world.

Greater good

0612 GreaterGood 05The earth-friendly wisdom of Tony and Michelle Soter has created Planet Oregon, a pinot that blends quality with ecology.

Developing districts

0612 DevelopingDistricts MapThe eco-district concept is slow to start with the Lloyd District in Portland out in front.

Jeff Merkley hits the road

0612 TheRoad 09Oregon's junior senator goes on tour to find out what business needs.

Change agents

0612 Tactics 04Portland's SERA Architects prospers by embracing not just sustainability but adaptability.