The nonprofit sector

The nonprofit sector


Oregon’s nonprofit sector is a significant economic force. There are 10,429 active public charitable organizations in the state with a total revenue of $13 billion. These nonprofits employ 166,130 people, or 13% of Oregon’s private sector employment. These are jobs in the arts, education, environment, religious groups, civil rights, food, health care and others. Determining the health, size and scope of the nonprofit sector in Oregon was the purpose of the recently released Oregon Nonprofit Sector Report, a joint effort of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) and Portland State University. The full report can be accessed at

0612 ByTheNumbers OregonNonprofitsSIZING IT UP
10,420 public charities
4,488 nonprofits in Portland Metro
284 nonprofits in the South Coast
1,060 human services nonprofits
28% of the workforce is people of color
76% of the workforce is female
166,130 jobs
$13B total revenue of public charities
10% of Oregon's total workforce
$39,545 average annual pay
$2.5B value of volunteer hours
993,700 volunteers each year
24% have less than 1 month reserves
65% saw demand for services up in 2011
51% have had to turn away clients
26% have scaled back programs


0 #1 General Political ActivistGuest 2012-06-20 18:41:36
It is too big of a burden to expect our amazing non-profits to pick up where government left off, but this is precisely what our NGO community, is increasingly charged with doing. At the same time, not-for-profits , are being used as a highly effective political & legal shield, by large private-but-pub licly-funded multi-national corporations (who do not promise job creation), for the intended purpose of avoiding having to pay fair tax share (revenue that our dying public education system and other common good programs, desperately needed yesterday) which is something that of a huge concern, or at least, should be.
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