May 2012

Tech triumph

0512_TechTriumphThe sector continues to expand and mature in the Gorge.

Ristretto Roasters makes its mark

0512_Tactics_02Ristretto Roasters makes its mark with highly designed community spacesand a great cup of Joe.

Has the green energy bubble burst?

0512_ExpertOpinion_GreenEnergy_01Has the green bubble burst in Oregon or is it just deflating a bit before staging a comeback?

Tenant trade

0512_Dispatches_Retail_04Malls and shopping centers adjust leasing strategies to fill vacancies.

Hospital era ends

0512_Dispatches_AshlandCommunityHospital_01April marked the end of an era in Ashland. Its standalone medical center, Ashland Community Hospital, agreed to take on a business partner after years of financial struggles.

Sweet smell of success

0512_GamePlan_AirDelightsWhile on a visit to his cousin’s Beaverton home more than 20 years ago, Steve Bronson caught a whiff of something that flipped on a light bulb in his mind: air fresheners.

Innovation down on the farm

0512_GamePlan_Stahlbush_02Bill Chambers, president of Stahlbush Island Farms, has a simple explanation for why he has adopted so many innovative technologies and practices in service of sustainable agriculture.