May 2012

Sweet smell of success

0512_GamePlan_AirDelightsWhile on a visit to his cousin’s Beaverton home more than 20 years ago, Steve Bronson caught a whiff of something that flipped on a light bulb in his mind: air fresheners.

Innovation down on the farm

0512_GamePlan_Stahlbush_02Bill Chambers, president of Stahlbush Island Farms, has a simple explanation for why he has adopted so many innovative technologies and practices in service of sustainable agriculture.

The loan load

0512_ByTheNumbers_StudentDebtAs college students borrow more money to finance rising tuition costs, the education bubble may be the next to burst.

Skip Newberry

0512_LiveWorkPlay_SkipNewberry_01Skip Newberry became president of the Software Association of Oregon in September 2011.

The bicycle thief

0512_Launch_BiketrakWhen Kristine Akins had a second bike stolen in 2010, the veteran entrepreneur didn’t get mad. She got even.

Support for higher education funding

0512_InputGraph_01With the budget stretched and funding for higher education dropping, where should funding for Oregon’s public universities rank in the state’s myriad priorities?

The higher education disgrace

The state's business community has long supported public higher education funding, and put its muscle behind recent reform efforts. Business knows that an educated population is critical to the economic health of Oregon.