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Support for higher education funding

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Articles - May 2012
Monday, April 23, 2012

With the budget stretched and funding for higher education dropping, where should funding for Oregon’s public universities rank in the state’s myriad priorities? How important are the universities to business issues? The 551 respondents in this issue’s Input survey place a significant value on funding higher education, with 52% saying funding higher ed was a “very high” or “high” priority. The majority also said the state’s universities were important to economic growth, attracting business and educating future leaders. CFM Strategic Communications conducted the survey of Oregon Business readers in late March.






Curtis Johnson
+2 #1 Wrong questionsCurtis Johnson 2012-04-24 19:53:06
You're asking the standard journalistic questions. Think about what matters. How can you get the system to change so that Oregon has a world-beating proportion of people prepared for the jobs we can see coming? This is not just a matter of setting "priorities." Those are goals. The focus has to shift to strategies -- how to make it happen. The governor's 40/40/20 plan is on the right track - but execution is the key. Making it happen.
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+1 #2 Sacred CowMelvis 2012-05-10 18:27:05
Fellow Oregonians . . . at some point, you have to kill one of your two sacred cows: no sales tax (the other one being full serve gas). We can no longer rely on property taxes alone to fund education in Oregon. I know . . . you think you're being taxed too much already. Yawn.

It's about time we implement a consumption tax. Exclude groceries and clothing, but a 3 percent sales tax for education would be a HUGE STEP. And absolutely necessary if we are to improve our overall standard of living in Oregon.
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