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The loan load

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Articles - May 2012
Monday, April 23, 2012
By Linda Baker

0512_ByTheNumbers_StudentDebtAs college students borrow more money to finance rising tuition costs, the education bubble may be the next to burst. In 2011, the nation’s student debt burden reached $1 trillion, surpassing total balances due on credit card and auto loans. In 2010, college seniors nationally carried an average of $25,250 in debt, up 25% since 2000. Unlike mortgage loans, student load debt can’t be discharged during bankruptcy. Instead, young people shoulder the credit risk, threatening their economic potential.

Portland State University
2010-11 tuition: $5,646
2011-12 tuition: $6,156
Increase: 9%
2010 average student debt load: $26,287
2011 average student debt load: $26,560
Increase: 1%

Oregon State University
2010-11 tuition: $5,760
2011-12 tuition: $6,228
Increase: 8.1%
2010 average student debt load: $21,846
2011 average student debt load: $22,410
Increase: 2.6%

University of Oregon
2010-11 tuition: $6,930
2011-12 tuition: $7,551
Increase: 9%
2010 average student debt load: $20,928
2011 average student debt load: $22,736
Increase: 9.3%

All Oregon Universities
2009 average student loan debt: $22,417
2009 proportion of students with debt: 60%
2010 average student loan debt: $23,967
2010 proportion of students with debt: 63%


Martha  Perez
-1 #1 General Political ActivistMartha Perez 2012-05-09 19:46:55
The republican party just moments ago, chose not to vote to assist the now 1 trillion dollar student debt that is literally killing the American dream. I hope our leaders continue to find ways to lessen this crushing and unjust burden on the already weary shoulders of our nation's students.
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0 #2 RE: The loan loadLinda 2012-05-10 15:33:08
Why not do a survey of community colleges? Costs are lower and there are many valuable 2 year technical degrees available that allow graduates to go to work in good paying jobs upon graduation.
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