Healthy choice

Healthy choice

By Dan Cook

The renovation of the Lithia Springs Inn is due for completion in May. Now called the Lithia Springs Resort, it is being repositioned by the Neumans as a healthful destination resort.

Unless you’re seated comfortably, don’t get Becky Neuman started on farm-to-table food or the health benefits of mineral springs water. Passion for the subjects simply overtakes her.

Becky Neuman and husband Doug Neuman acquired a controlling interest in the Lithia Springs Inn at the far north end of Ashland last year. As 75% owners of the hotel’s partnership, the Neumans were in a position to call for revamping the property, both from a structural and branding standpoint.

They dove in, renovating all 29 rooms and the central building that serves as the reception and dining area and includes several guest rooms and offices. Their first phase was due for completion May 12 — a rapid turnaround by hotel restoration standards, but a pace that suits the energetic Neumans.

Phase one represents an investment of about $700,000 to $800,000, Doug Neuman says, with all guest rooms getting a makeover. The more aggressive phase two, due for completion this fall, envisions construction of a new outdoor spring-fed swimming pool, the addition of more guest rooms and other improvements that will put the investments into the millions.

“This is equal parts physical renovation and rebranding,” Doug Neuman says of the turnaround strategy. “We wanted to get moving on the physical piece because we know we have to build our business and create our brand and it will take some time.”