April 2012

Next: estrogen effects

0412_NextEstrogen drives male snakes crazy. Crazy for other male snakes that is.

Powerlist: Banks

In this month's Powerlist, we rank Oregon banks by deposits.

The consummate Oregonian

0412_TheConsummateOregonian_01Native son Tom Kelly wields his unassuming style and quiet drive to build his business and his state.

Truffle mania

0412_TruffleMania_02A fertile industry sprouts up around the costly little fungi.

Data dig: Is Oregon manufacturing really in decline?

0412_DataDig_FabricatedMetalManufacturing makes up more of the state's GDP than almost any other state, and jobs in the sector are projected to grow.

Seeds of dissent

0412_SeedsOfDissent_02Oregon's organic farmers wage battle against Monsanto's genetically modified seeds.

The new reality

0412_TheNewReality_03Declining HP jobs and OSU growing pains force Corvallis to face its economic and livability challenges.