Obie won

Obie won


// Photo by Alexandra Shyshkina

Obie also has been meeting with officials from the University of Oregon and cultural institutions such as the symphony, opera, ballet and visual arts organizations. “If we can help those people grow, then that’s helpful to us,” he says.

Market tenants such as the top-rated Marché Restaurant, the Gervais Salon & Day Spa and LaVelle Vineyards Tasting Room are getting new business from hotel guests, while Travel Lane County anticipates a big boost to annual visitor revenues, currently at about $536 million.

Obie designed certain special touches for his hotel such as the compartment where room service orders can be delivered without bothering guests (a light turns on to indicate that the order sits behind the compartment door). He likes wearing a new hat, that of an innkeeper.

“With whatever skills and energy I have,” Obie says, “I want to continue to make a contribution and do exciting things, enjoy people and continue to help build this community.”