March 2012

2012 100 Best Companies best practices

0312_100BestFeature_01For 19 years, Oregon Business has been surveying employers statewide to find out just what it takes to be a great place to work. While it’s always a mix of factors that make some companies more attractive to employees than others, the tendency is often to highlight the more singular, tangible benefits such as massages and paid sabbaticals, lavish soirées and bring-your-pet-to-work days.

Did the recession kill the arts?

0312_Data_MusicHardly. Arts-related jobs have grown faster than overall employment.

Mapping peaks and valleys

0312_Dispatches_Mapmakers_01Mapmakers generally toil in obscurity, tending to the small details that help put landscapes in context. But public acclaim sometimes comes to the cartographer, bringing a reminder that people still love to look at beautiful maps.

DePaul plans aggressive growth

0312_GamePlan_Depaul_02The two lynchpins of DePaul Industries’ aggressive five-year strategic plan hoping to grow revenues to $86.5 million and create nearly 3,500 jobs are customer satisfaction and getting the right jobs to the right people.

Sibling non-rivalry

0312_Profile_LeeAndLynnMedoffIt’s not every day that you find two siblings operating separate businesses on the same street. Rarer still are neighboring siblings who are pioneers in their own fields.

The market outlier

0312_Profile_DonKruger_02Few operators make the transition to a farm-direct business. Kruger has.

Down on the farm

0312_Conversation_ScottieJones_02FarmStay U.S.: a website connecting guests with working farms and ranches.