Natural selection

Natural selection

She expanded her territory during a drive to visit her family in Ohio, selling jars of balls the whole way. With her earnings, she made more balls and sold those on the return trip. Back home, she refilled her growing orders by shipping from Willamina.

After getting swamped with orders at a 1986 trade show, Carrier decided it was time to go big time. With financial backing from friends and family, she bought manufacturing equipment and moved into a 2,600-square-foot space in downtown McMinnville. In time she had 12 employees. Then, as now, the bulk of the business was contract work for people who brought their healthy snack ideas to her.

“In a sense you feel like a little dream maker,” says Carrier. “I had a dream, so I’m very compassionate to people starting out.”

In addition to contract work, the company’s success rests on the sales of a variety of Betty Lou’s healthy bars and protein shakes. The products are widely available at Fred Meyer and health food stores; online shoppers at can browse by diet types.

New products are in the works, thanks to a recent move and the acquisition of more equipment. In 2009 Betty Lou’s moved from a 32,000-square-foot plant in McMinnville’s Granary District to the former site of an RV factory.



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Please tell me where I can purchase your nut balls in Bend. Natures used to carry them and occasionally Fred Meyer. I have had diffuculty locating then in either store for some time. Please advise. Than you
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