Jan/Feb 2012

Clouds over solar power

0112_Solar_01On the other side of the debate about China’s aggressive push into the U.S. solar market is this: exports.

Waves of activity help the tide rise in Newport

0112_Newport_02For small businesses in Newport like Elliott and Daniella Crowder’s Bike Newport, increased activity in marine science has helped boost business in a town traditionally driven by fishing, tourism and logging.

John Miller's bottom line

0112_JohnMiller_01John Miller recalls a moment when things clicked into place for him. He was 10, traversing a forest road outside of Stayton with his father, a forester. “On one side, I saw trees he had planted 30 years ago, a healthy forest. On the other side of the road was a stump patch, still there years after the major timber company that owned it had cut the trees and run. That sort of set the tone for me.”

The state we're in: business filings

0112_IndicatorsGraph_01The number of new Oregon corporations has fallen since 2005, while new limited liability companies  — Oregon and foreign — peaked in 2007.

New course for water ideas

0112_WaterIdeasWater use is an ongoing issue in the state, as farmers, industry, conservationists and governments, particularly in Eastern Oregon, all vie for an increasingly stressed resource.


Vietnam hungry for Oregon potatoes

0112_Vietnam_01Vietnam’s economy and demand for American exports is growing, and Oregon’s potato growers aren’t being couch potatoes.

Chalet RV keeps on rolling

0112_ChaletRVChris Hanson remembers that time back in early 2008 — before the crash — when he thought: “I’ll finally be able to quit my day job.”