Jan/Feb 2012

By the book

0112_Tactics_01Patrick Becker Sr. is 70 years old now and slowed significantly by a stroke he suffered five years ago. But all one has to do is mention “The Letter” and his eyes light up and a wave of energy pulses across his elfin face. He is back in the fourth quarter of 1999.


It's no secret- online privacy poll

0112_InputGraph_01The global village is uneasy. In this installment of Input, the 583 respondents to our questions about online privacy shows that 80% have increased concerns over privacy issues, with social media seen as the biggest threat.

The evolution of a ranch

0112_EditorLetterOver the years that I have been editing Oregon Business, I’ve encountered Jeanne Carver on many occasions, the first being at a rural development convention about five years ago where she spoke passionately about her efforts to develop a fiber business from the historic breed of Columbia sheep on her 140-year-old Imperial Stock Ranch near Maupin.