Jan/Feb 2012

Comparing Oregon's housing trends

0112_Databurst_Housing_01We evaluate Oregon's housing units growth and homeownership rate.

Oregon Aero boosts Scappoose

0112_OregonAero_02For years after its founding in 1989, Oregon Aero remained a small company that designed and manufactured helmet cushions and other products.

Tribe puts hope in new casino

0112_Casino_01On a Tuesday in January, employees at the Kah-Nee-Ta tribal casino undertook an arduous task: dismantling 300 slot machines in four hours, to be reassembled at the casino’s new temporary location about 10 miles away on Highway 26

Latino business grows in south

0112_LatinoBusiness_01Mirroring robust growth around the state, a burgeoning Latino population in Southern Oregon with growing purchasing power is spurring the growth of Hispanic-owned business in Jackson County.

Oregon helicopters do the heavy lifting

0112_Helicopters_02In the early days of Columbia Helicopters, back in 1957, the late founder and pilot Wes Lematta had trouble drumming up much business.

By the book

0112_Tactics_01Patrick Becker Sr. is 70 years old now and slowed significantly by a stroke he suffered five years ago. But all one has to do is mention “The Letter” and his eyes light up and a wave of energy pulses across his elfin face. He is back in the fourth quarter of 1999.


It's no secret- online privacy poll

0112_InputGraph_01The global village is uneasy. In this installment of Input, the 583 respondents to our questions about online privacy shows that 80% have increased concerns over privacy issues, with social media seen as the biggest threat.

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