Jan/Feb 2012

Smart grapes

0112_NextPinot noir enthusiasts have another reason to rave about their beloved red wine: The grapes of the famous cultivar may be a little bit smarter than some other varieties.

Powerlist: Colleges and universities

This month's Powerlist ranks Oregon colleges and universities by total enrollment in the 2011-12 school year.

Powerlist: MBA programs

This month's Powerlist ranks Oregon MBA programs by total enrollment in the 2011-12 school year.

The sell-out state

0112_SelloutState_08The spate of recent buyouts of Oregon companies underscores its primary role in the M&A landscape as a shopping mart for large, out-of-state firms.

The new ranch economy

0112_Ranch_05It takes cattle, sheep, hay, wheat, hunting, tourism, wool, yarn, custom farming, conservation, wind — and things yet to be imagined — to secure the future of the historic family-owned Imperial Stock Ranch.

Clouds over solar power

0112_Solar_01On the other side of the debate about China’s aggressive push into the U.S. solar market is this: exports.

Waves of activity help the tide rise in Newport

0112_Newport_02For small businesses in Newport like Elliott and Daniella Crowder’s Bike Newport, increased activity in marine science has helped boost business in a town traditionally driven by fishing, tourism and logging.