December 2011

Next: heat energy

1211_NextChemistry is like cooking. Except instead of tenderizing a pork roast with lime, spices and soy sauce, a chemist might mix up a batch of indium cobalt antimony, sink the concoction in copper oxide and then nuke the results in the microwave.

Powerlist: Law firms

This month's Powerlist ranks law firms by number of lawyers in Oregon and SW Washington.

The 2012 economic forecast

1211_WhatsAhead_01What's ahead for Oregon's economy? The forecast is mixed.

Diagnosis unknown: Will a health exchange help?

1211_DiagnosisUnknown_01Oregon is creating a marketplace where small businesses can buy health insurance. But will this exchange improve quality and make health plans more affordable?

Conflict in the wind

1211_Wind_02Large swaths of Oregon’s public land are being leased for wind exploration, leaving wildlife at risk and raising serious questions about how energy projects should be developed.

Oregon EVs on a slow charge

1211_ElectricVehicles_01Two years ago, electric vehicles were going to save the world and Oregon in particular. There would be several models on the market to choose from, they all would be fast and go far, and there would be as many charging stations dotting I-5 as Ducks fans on game day. Manufacturers and politicians alike were expecting everyone to dive into the deep end of the EV pool. But consumers have been slow to embrace the new technology.

State we're in: Housing permits flat

1211_IndicatorsGraph_03Amid a still sluggish real estate market, Oregon housing permits remain mired thousands per month below the heights of five years ago.