November 2011

The state we're in: freight transport

1111_Indicators_03State tax receipts collected from truckers jumped 25.3% August year-to-date.

Inventors face retooled patent law

1111_InvestorsFaceIn the early-1990s, a Bothell, Wash.-based startup called CellPro developed a novel way to clean bone marrow stem cells before inserting them into leukemia patients. Early clinical trials saw surprisingly high rates of survival in desperately ill children, and CellPro’s cancer-stricken CEO also made a bone-marrow-aided comeback in experimental treatment.

Klamath dam removal uncertain

1111_KlamathDamWhen the Klamath Restoration Agreements were signed in February 2010, the documents were hailed as a historic solution to decades of conflicts over water rights and environmental management in the Klamath Basin. Almost two years later, many stakeholders are still waiting to move forward with projects connected to the agreements, which include both the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement. At issue is whether legislators will authorize the agreements and allocate the $500 million for implementation.

If the glove fits

1111_IfTheGloveFitsIt’s pink, sleek, and form-fitting, the inside lined with a layer of rayon for extra comfort. It costs 30% more than similar products, but research says women will pay it for added comfort. And part of the sales of the $2.99 product will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

Costs in Oregon higher than average

1111_CostsInOregon_DataburstOregonians face a harder challenge than most Americans in making ends meet.

Ethanol project fuels optimism

1111_EthanolProjectSeventy jobs may not seem like a lot. But to tiny Clatskanie (population: 1,710) in Columbia County, it’s 70 more people spending money locally who weren’t spending it before.

Hood River outpaces the state

1111_HoodRiver_01At a time when the economies of many Oregon cities and towns are fragile and shrinking, Hood River is enjoying slow and steady growth.