October 2011

How open source got its groove back

1011_OpenSource_01Portland lost some allure during the recession, but developers once again are smitten by its culture, community and cost of living.

The state we're in: lumber production

Western softwood mills sawed 11.1 billion board feet of lumber in 2010, 27.9% more than 2009. July year-to-date they have produced 6.5% more lumber than last year.

Oregon wind power gains velocity

1011_OregonWindPower_DataburstOregon spins seventh among U.S. states for electrical generating capacity from wind power, just a puff behind Washington, according to a report from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

State sticks with solar as price plummets

1011_StateSticksWithSolarA flood of cheap Chinese imports is swamping the global market for solar panels, driving down prices dramatically, but Oregon officials say their investments in solar manufacturing remain solid. 

Temp firms boost jobs in Washington County

Employment in Washington County increased by 3.2% between December 2009 and December 2010, an uptick driven by the “employment services” sector, otherwise known as temp hires. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics and Oregon Employment Department analyses, during that one-year period, Washington County added 3,100 temp jobs, an 11.4% increase from the year before.

No cars make for an inviting street scene

1011_NoCars“It’s been nothing but positive so far,” says Zach Dotson, chef and manager of Dan & Louis Oyster Bar in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood. On a recent Wednesday afternoon, Dotson was pouring a glass of milk for a thirsty patron of Voodoo Doughnuts  — and waxing enthusiastic about one of Portland’s first pedestrian-only streets, on Southwest Ankeny between Second and Third avenues.