Oregon's number 1 nonprofits

Oregon's number 1 nonprofits

#1 Medium Nonprofit

Full Access

BACK ROW FROM LEFT:  Jeffrey Fields, Chloe Stallworth with Elfie,  Nancy Hafner, Francie Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Beeck, Chrystal Burns, Sarah Fields, Crissy Curley. THIRD ROW: Cathy Mish, Heather Hopkins-Slechta, Marie Sweeten, Anna Bergren. FRONT: CEO Margaret Theisen
This is the second year in a row that Eugene-based Full Access has been named the No. 1 best medium nonprofit. The 35 employees cite teamwork, excellent management and independence as some of the best qualities of their workplace.

“I love being able to manage my time independently without being micro-managed. The workplace fosters personal and professional growth and allows each employee to be responsible for their own actions,” says one employee. Others cite the option of flexible schedules, the annual retreat and the yoga classes as things they love about working at Full Access.

Founded in 2002, Full Access also has offices in Bend, and serves 800 clients in five counties, helping developmentally disabled adults become independent. “Our leadership is wonderful and caring,” another worker says. “When needed, we pull together to help one another.”

During hard family times, the company buys meals for employees, and has not cut staff during the down economy. Actions speak louder than words for this organization.