The state we're in: lumber production

The state we're in: lumber production

By Research Editor Brandon Sawyer

Western softwood mills sawed 11.1 billion board feet of lumber in 2010, 27.9% more than 2009. July year-to-date they have produced 6.5% more lumber than last year. Random Lengths’ composite price index of framing lumber bounced back 27.9% in 2010 to $284 per thousand board feet, the same level as 2007, before the collapse of the housing market. Through August 2011, though, the index has dropped 5.3% from last year.





Deborah Jones
0 #1 Deborah Jones 2011-10-07 13:22:28
As the wife of a log trucker, i am very happy. But can we please not export the logs?!! Let's mill them here and export lumber. This way the loggers, truckers, and the mill workers can all keep busy and keep rural oregon in business.
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