September 2011

Oregon City revitalizes despite mill closure

0911_OregonCity_02The bridge leading into downtown Oregon City is closed for repairs, and the city’s largest employer, the Blue Heron paper mill, is history. So why are downtown boosters here so optimistic?

Windells sports academy flourishes

0911_Tactics_03Tim Windell has built a growing action sports wonderland where champions train and wannabes have fun.

Gap between optimists and pessimists widens

0911_InputGraph_03The mood remains gloomy for the 606 respondents in our survey this month. By a large majority, they say things are headed in the wrong direction, with the gap between the optimists and the pessimists widening since 2008.

From the Editor: Open your mind to optimism

robin-BLOGWe enter the fall with renewed worry over the economy, losing business optimism locally, nationally and globally.