September 2011

Organic catalysts help drugs work effectively

0911_NextA team at OSU developed an organic catalyst to help facilitate the chemical reactions that make drugs work effectively.

Powerlist: Staffing firms

This month's powerlist ranks staffing firms by full-time staff in Oregon.

Ashland's new age economy

0911_HarmonicConvergence_09From Jackson Wellsprings to Pacific Domes, businesses built to serve a higher purpose and make a buck are moving into Ashland.

Carpenters union attacks wage fraud

0911_UndergroundFight_01As jobs remain tight, competition stays fierce and Hispanic labor grows, a carpenters union attacks fraud in the construction industry with controversial tactics.

Private sector shapes education reform

0911_EducationOregon’s business community scored a triumph in education reform this session, an effort that spotlights how the private sector — sometimes controversially — is shaping education reform and funding.

Prices for farm products increase

0911_IndicatorsGraph_03Farmers have been getting more for their goods. The July 2011 price index for all farm products was up 31% over 2010, with crops up 41% and livestock up 18%.