August 2011

Semiconductor products bounce back

0811_Semiconductor_DataburstThe global sales of North American semiconductor equipment producers have bounced back from their recessionary lows of mid-2009 to levels not seen since 2007. 

Women lag in bike riding and business

0811_WomenLagInBikeRidingEvery year, the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas sponsors a seminar about the female bike consumer. “It’s always the same material — how women have the buying power in the U.S.,” says Joan Martocello, a manager at Bike Gallery, a Portland bike store chain. “Then you go into bike shops and still see the girlie posters.” Even in cycle-friendly Portland, says Martocello, the male-dominated bike shop environment “is quite a bit intimidating for women.”

The Portland rental squeeze

0811_PDXRentalSqueezeLandlords of Portland, rejoice. Although the city’s residential real estate market remains in the doldrums, the rental market is flourishing.

Zidell cleanup begins waterfront area renewal

0811_OnTheWaterfront_02The aptly named environmental consultant Paul Fishman has enjoyed a long career at the intersection of the built environment and the natural world. His biggest projects have involved elaborate cleanups that balance the needs of industrial clients facing regulatory pressure and endangered fish in the Willamette River. None has been larger or more complex than his latest, the long-awaited cleanup of the Zidell property along the river between downtown and South Waterfront.

Sock It to Me's success

0811_Tactics_01Carrie Atkinson was only 26 when she decided to start her own company. Now Sock It to Me is splitting at the seams.

News about news sources

0811_InputGraph_03We asked readers this month about where they get their news.

From the editor: Age defines news usage

robin-BLOGThis month's input survey asked Oregon business leaders about their news habits, and what we found out syncs with what the Pew Research Center has documented about news consumers nationally.