August 2011

Liquified natural gas surfaces on Columbia

0811_LNGLiteSurfacesOnColumbiaA scaled-down plan for importing liquefied natural gas at Bradwood Landing is quietly working its way through the regulatory system after the failure of a proposed $650 million LNG project at the same location.

Barre3 grows with revival of group fitness classes

0811_HeadingToTheBarreTogether_04For decades, people have been sweating and stretching as an instructor leads the way (think Jazzercise, step aerobics or Jane Fonda). As long as misery loves company, it seemed group fitness classes would endure. But in the past few years — since the recession — group classes have become even more in vogue, a trend that’s buoyed a Portland-based startup.

Budding entrepreneurs get tamale traction

0811_MicroSteps_03Should budding entrepreneurs strike out on their own? Or is it more effective to pool resources with like-minded business owners? That was the dilemma facing the “micro mercantes” tamale vendors, a group of low-income Latinas who participate in a microenterprise program sponsored by Hacienda Community Development Corporation.

Saucy startup finds success with foodies

0811_SaucyStartupFindsSuccessWhatever you do, don’t call Barcelona’s No. 1 Mole Poblano a chocolate sauce, says Roberto Riquelme, one of three partners at Barcelona Sauces, a year-old company based in Bend.

Cell phone law loophole closed

0811_PutDownThePhoneA loophole large enough to drive your truck through while jabbering on your cell phone has been nailed shut.

Oregon's venture capital share grows

0811_OregonsVC_DataburstVenture capital investment in Oregon leaped 114.5% in 2010.

Gold rush in Malheur County

0811_GoldRushIngMalheurA Canadian mining company is gathering permits and underground data in preparation for developing the first large-scale gold mine in Oregon in decades, as the price for gold hovers at $1,600 per ounce.