August 2011

Quantum computers may be the future

0811_NextA PSU professor is studying the possibilities of quantum computers as the physical limits of computer technology are quickly approaching.

Powerlist: Commercial real estate

This month's Powerlist ranks commercial real estate companies by number of licensed commercial agents in Oregon.

Medford's unique TV market reaches a critical crossroad

0811_MedfordTV_01Medford is an unlikely hub of broadcast activity. As the stations struggle to survive, consolidation, combined newsrooms and other partnerships are possible. That would irreparably change a very special small American TV market.

The audacious plan of Hiroshi Morihara

0811_Hiroshi_01One of the most ambitious rural job creation ideas in Oregon comes from a Ph.D. scientist eight years past retirement age who has figured out a way to run coal burning power plants onplants.

Independent pharmacies struggle

0811_Pharmacies_01Independent neighborhood pharmacies are shrinking, battered by big-chain competition, changing laws and consumer defection.

Shipping up at the Port of Portland

0811_IndicatorsGraph_02Shipping improved at the Port of Portland in 2010.