July 2011

State We're In: Residential real estate still falling

0711_IndicatorsGraph_01Residential real estate is still looking to hit bottom.

Perpetua's tribal deal

0711_PerpetuaA partnership between the Coquille Indian Tribe and Perpetua Power Source Technologies will bring a new assembly and production facility to tribal-owned property in North Bend. The plan, which has been in development for a year, will also allow Perpetua to expand the manufacturing capabilities of its renewable thermoelectric technology at Corvallis company headquarters. 

New lab addresses global contamination problem

0711_NewLab_02Kirkman Group president David Humphrey says he prides himself on the purity of the food supplements his company makes in Lake Oswego and sells globally. So it bothered him profoundly to have to recall several products in December 2009 after learning they were contaminated with antimony, a toxic chemical. 

ZeaChem searches for a greener coal

0711_ZeaChemSearchesZeaChem is investigating ways to help Portland General Electric “green up” its Boardman coal plant with a biomass coal replacement made from poplar wood. 

Suburban builders move to the city

0711_ComingInFromTheSuburbsSince the mid 1990s, thousands of Oregonians — families, retirees, young adults — have forsaken the suburbs in favor of inner-city living. Now a new group, suburban homebuilders, are also jumping on the urban housing bandwagon.

Outside race firm draws local fire

0711_RunForMoney_03In March, the San Diego-based Competitor Group announced it would bring its popular Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series to Portland next May. The reaction was less enthusiastic among local companies that manage races in the area.