July 2011

Magnetic nanobeads detect chemical and biological agents

0711_NextA multi-disciplinary team at Oregon State University is using nanoparticles of iron oxide to help detect chemical and biological agents, proving again Neil Young’s truism that rust never sleeps.

Powerlist: Hospitals

This month's Powerlist ranks Oregon hospitals by total operating expense.

Private 150: Oregon's top privately held companies

0711_Private150It may not be robust, but Oregon’s top privately held companies seem to be experiencing recovery.

Bend's economy is coming back to life

0711_Bend_01After a historic flameout, Bend's economy is coming back to life on the strength of a fresh crop of growing companies and the enduring pull of its natural beauty.

Qatar looks to Oregon

0711_Qatar_02A desert Middle Eastern kingdom looks to Oregon to help solve its food security issues and evolve its sustainability.

State We're In: Residential real estate still falling

0711_IndicatorsGraph_01Residential real estate is still looking to hit bottom.