June 2011

Cannon Beach plans tsunami-resistant structure

0611_HighAndDryWhen the Sendai quake and tsunami hit last March, many Japanese residents took refuge in “vertical evacuation structures,” reinforced concrete buildings that were strong enough — and tall enough — to withstand the force of the waves. Now officials in Cannon Beach aim to build a similar tsunami-resistant structure — the first in the United States.

Leatherman's promise to keep it local

0611_Tactics_02Leatherman is the only manufacturer of foldable, all-in-one multi-tools to build all of those products in the U.S. Its CEO plans to keep it that way.

Readers report mixed findings on green practices

0611_InputGraph_01This month’s Input asked readers about their organization’s green practices.

Climb every mountain

robin-BLOGEditor Robin Doussard muses on green portals and regional economies as we finally head into summer.