June 2011

Oregon craft beer business keeps growing

0611_BeerBusinessOregon craft beer, despite fear of falling sales and a hesitation to expand throughout the recession, is doing better than ever.

Fish fight on the lower Columbia

0611_FishColumbia_02A coalition of sport fishermen and related businesses is luring legislators to ban commercial gillnet fishing in the main stem of the lower Columbia River below Bonneville Dam.

Vacancies swamp Sisters

0611_VacanciesSistersMost tales about rapid and sometimes reckless growth east of the Cascades tend to center around the fortunes of Bend. But the latest Census figures show that the Central Oregon town that grew fastest over the past decade was Sisters.

Warm Springs Composite Products goes global

0611_WarmSprings_01Warm Springs Composite Products, a tribal enterprise that manufactures fire-rated door components, finds success with fire code certification.

NAT uses enzymes to break down flax into soft, cheap material

0611_FlaxNaturally Advanced Technologies uses enzyme technology on flax to make a patented material softer than linen and cheaper than cotton.

Cannon Beach plans tsunami-resistant structure

0611_HighAndDryWhen the Sendai quake and tsunami hit last March, many Japanese residents took refuge in “vertical evacuation structures,” reinforced concrete buildings that were strong enough — and tall enough — to withstand the force of the waves. Now officials in Cannon Beach aim to build a similar tsunami-resistant structure — the first in the United States.

Leatherman's promise to keep it local

0611_Tactics_02Leatherman is the only manufacturer of foldable, all-in-one multi-tools to build all of those products in the U.S. Its CEO plans to keep it that way.