June 2011

OSU researchers invent better microchannel heat exchangers

0611_NextOregon State University engineers have invented a new way to produce microchannel heat exchangers that could cut material costs in half by using surface-mount adhesives instead of heat-intensive methods.

100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon, 2011

0611_GreenListOur third annual ranking of the 100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon celebrates workplace excellence.

Mount Hood's unique economy

0611_MountainEcon_01More than 100 years since modern commerce began on Oregon’s signature peak, Mount Hood supports millions of dollars worth of tourism, recreation, agriculture, timber and small business. It’s a unique and massive economy under growing pressure from those who make their money from the mountain.

Small Oregon businesses go global

0611_GoingGlobal_02Small Oregon companies are following the money overseas, but doing business internationally can be daunting.

TMT Development's president struggles to revive Park Avenue West

0611_HoldingTheLine_01Tom Moyer’s granddaughter struggles to revive Park Avenue West, a lingering wound in the heart of Portland’s downtown. It’s a fight against the economy, the market and maybe even her family.

Airport passenger counts gain altitude

Passenger counts have been gaining some altitude at Portland International Airport (PDX) and Oregon’s regional airports.