Top 10 Oregon twits

Top 10 Oregon twits

TwitterListOregon businesses and organizations tweet the tune of the latest fad in social networking, but individual networkers build the biggest dam of followers in the Beaver State.




0 #1 not reallybob 2009-10-01 13:18:37
your not really a top twitter user where you are because you followed 33,000 people and they followed you back so really they are only following you to you back
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C. S.
0 #2 My reallyC. S. 2009-10-05 17:21:33
@molfamily is one of the few Twitter super stars that actually answers your DM's when you send one. And better yet, he hardly ever talks about what he is doing and isn't trying to sell you anything. Just keeping us up on green news. Even his Better Living Expo is free. That is why everyone follows him.
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