A bumper-sticker campaign for education

A bumper-sticker campaign for education

In Taking one for the team [IN CHARACTER, April], there is a line that reads, “teachers began a ‘Bring Major League Education to Oregon’ bumper sticker campaign.” Teachers did not start any campaign associated with the bumper sticker.

I created the idea while sitting in traffic on my way to work. A car in front of me had a bumper sticker that read, “Bring Major League Baseball to Portland.” I said to myself, what this town really needs is to bring major league education to Portland. I took my idea to a business owner friend of mine who designed the bumper sticker. I then went to another business owner who printed the stickers at cost. To distribute the stickers, we approached PTAs around Portland about selling them to bring awareness to the funding issue. The only teacher involved in this was Matt Sten at Madison High School, whose class wanted to sell them at Beavers games as a fundraiser.  

I am a businessman with three kids who attend public schools. So is Brad Smith, owner of Hot Pepper, who designed the sticker, and John Landstrom co-owner of Col-Tab, the printer who printed the stickers at cost.

I have no animosity toward major league baseball and I would welcome a major league team here. All we ask is for the state to do its job and fund our education system so we can continue to create an educated populace that will make Portland and Oregon great places to work, live and raise families.

— Karl Mundorff
BioReaction Industries, LLC

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