Look for health care solutions in further restrictions, control

Look for health care solutions in further restrictions, control

I read KITZHABER’S CURE and I think I can melt your 4½ half pages of text down to the real issue.

Kitzhaber’s problem:  The forces of socialism in this state want more services for more people and don’t want to pay for them. Kitzhaber’s solution:  How do we get businesses to pay for it since federal dollars are not enough and state dollars come from everyone?

I applaud Oregon Business for publishing the article because it reinforces the message that “the price of a free-market economy is eternal vigilance,” to steal a phrase. I just wish the message was a little clearer.

The answer to your cover story question [“Can his health care revolution succeed without business?”] is: No. 

There are some other solutions that deserve many pages of in-depth critical thinking:

1. Stop allowing illegal aliens in this state to drain a lot of resources from the Oregon Health Plan and the health care system.

2. Pass a strict law requiring all parents to purchase at least a basic health insurance policy on their dependent children age 17 or younger.

3. Monitor insurers and independent facility owners more closely in the areas of profits and price-fixing practices.

4. Incent more people to purchase cost-sharing health insurance such as the Health Savings Accounts.

James J. Hisatomi
American Benefits, Portland