No protection from the laws of economics

No protection from the laws of economics

Marvin Kaiser’s column in the October issue [AN INVESTMENT LESSON], when stripped of all of the informative statistics and prophecies of doom, really boils down to a classic non sequitur: The Oregon University System is underfunded, therefore Measure 48 is a bad idea.

If the Colorado experiment proves anything, it may only be that governments are incapable of making tough choices and prioritizing which services they wish to adequately fund, even when a gun is held to their heads.

Professor Kaiser is simply one more spokesman for one more government constituency who believes that his branch/department/bureau/fiefdom sits on a much higher plane than all of society’s other little platoons and should be immune from the laws of economics.

All Measure 48 would do is force those who write our appropriations bills to make the tough decisions we elected them to make.

Sean M. Smith