Look closer at the Budweiser ads

Look closer at the Budweiser ads

In regard to Budweiser touting Willamette Valley hops [FRESH HOPS HYPE, AROUND THE STATE], I’ve seen the billboards, too, but quickly wondered where the photo in the background was taken. Judging from the vegetation and the height of the mountain, it’s certainly not in the Willamette Valley area.

The situation reminds me of when the University of Oregon Athletic Department was called out in the late ‘70s  about a billboard showing head coach Rich Brooks, pink sky, the Three Sisters’ silhouette and a caption to the effect: “The Dawning of a New Day for Oregon Football.”

It was finally revealed that the background photo was taken from Bend of the sun setting behind the Three
Sisters, with the image reversed. Thank goodness for us Duck fans it was truly a new day and the football program continued to improve.

Rick Cornish

Editor’s note: A spokesman for Budweiser  confirms that the company used a “generic” hops farm in its billboard advertising.