Oregon Riesling wine rises in popularity

Oregon Riesling wine rises in popularity

CAVE JUNCTION — In a state with more than 300 wineries it sometimes feels as though everyone is an expert on pinot noir. But what about the lighter side of the grape? Doesn’t anyone drink white wine anymore?

If you’re talking about Riesling, the answer is an enthusiastic yes. “It’s always been a popular brand,” says Tim Woodhead, marketing director of Bridgeview Vineyard and Winery, one of Oregon’s older vineyards. “It appeals to a large segment across the board.” Woodhead says Riesling, which grows very well in Oregon thanks to good acidity in the soil and cool sumer nights, can go from sweet to “bone dry” and many wine drinkers find it easier to enjoy.

Although Riesling was among Bridgeview’s first vintages in 1985, the wine saw a 22.5% growth in sales in March of this year.

Perhaps Riesling is the next rising star in the Oregon winery sky.

— Colleen Moran