The hot desk, any way you like it

The hot desk, any way you like it


AN ATTRACTION OR ADDICTION? Ikea knows how to keep customers coming back for more. Ikea is heralded as a shopping destination for the hip and the thrifty, but its real magic may be in its knack for personalization.

One of the hottest-selling business-related items at the Portland store is the Galant Desk System — either a sleek minimalist workspace or a deathtrap of personalization with no end. The Galant comes in six colors (featured here in the most popular black-brown), offers adjustable leg height and ranges from $90 to $199, depending on size. The desk’s sparse design allows users to custom fit their needs, adding file cabinets, drawers and desktop accessories. “Portlanders are very practical people,” says Joseph Roth, vice president of public affairs at Ikea, citing both the desk’s functionality and modern look.

The trendy furniture superstore unfurled the technicolored rugs in its first Oregon store near Portland International Airport in late July and has courted a steady stream of visitors ranging from curious onlookers to serious shoppers.

Ikea’s endless possibilities keep people busily accessorizing and cash registers at its stores ringing. And after completing your desk, all you’ll need to find is the perfect chair.  


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