Timber wars could use a cease-fire

Timber wars could use a cease-fire

Kudos to Oregon Business for itsĀ  insightful article about timber issues in Oregon and how they are impacting Oregon communities [TIMBER WOES CONTINUE IN EAST, October].

The Bureau of Land Management is proposing a new forest management plan that would better balance the economic needs of using our forestlands as a tax base with the demands of conservation groups.

Locking up these lands for non-use, as the conservation groups have been very successful in doing for years, has resulted in the mismanagement of forestlands in Oregon, leading to the increase in wildfires in recent years.

In an increasingly global economy, we need to seek a less adversarial approach to the raw material needs of our local wood products businesses, to keep Oregonians working here instead of shipping our jobs overseas and importing our wood products.

Suzanne L. Penegor
Owner, Great Northwest Trucking Services

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