The challenge continues for tribes

The challenge continues for tribes

I was completely amazed with the cover article on the development efforts of Oregon tribes [TRIBES 2.0, October] and equally impressed that your team sought out qualified “observers” such as Tom Hampson and Mike Burton. Several of us old guys were reminiscing recently that some of what we’re doing exceeds even our wildest ambitions when we started — and we thought we were being kind of arrogant then. Even my Mom noted not long ago that she was reluctant to say anything to us then, but she believed we were completely “nuts to think our little tribe could do any of those plans.”

We told her that we were thankful she didn’t say anything to us, or it could have broken our spirit. We have lots more to do and I guess nothing can ever be perfect, but the challenge still drives us.

Thanks for being fair and insightful to our situation and for us tribes. That’s the best we can hope for from the American public.

Dave Tovey
Deputy director, Cayuse Technologies


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