Sick of Barry Manilow and LinkedIn, too

Sick of Barry Manilow and LinkedIn, too

Imagine: 17 hours in a plane flying through the air at 500 mph in a quarter-inch thick aluminum tube, somewhere between Hong Kong and Sydney with another three hours to go.

I’ve watched the movies. Can only listen to Barry Manilow so many times. Have read the flight instructions so thoroughly I could recite the directions “in the event of a water landing.”

Lo and behold, my briefcase has February’s Oregon Business magazine. I enjoyed the From the Editor column on LinkedIn; it struck a nerve because I had that same experience. I still receive these “invitations” and can’t hit delete fast enough. For heavens sake, if you want to talk with me, pick up the phone and call, or shoot me an email. I must be old-fashioned (my teens would likely affirm this as fact).

Anyway, keep up the nice work. This month’s issue really broke up the monotony of a long flight from little old Klamath Falls.

Jim Chadderdon
Klamath Falls

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