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October 2008 employment and business indicators

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Thursday, January 01, 2009
All "latest" numbers are for October 2008 unless otherwise noted. Latest Month Previous Month Previous Year Annual Change
Total employment State of Oregon, thousands 1,840.7 1,849.4 1,845.5 -0.3%
Total unemployment State of Oregon, thousands 134.1 113.4 93.6 43.2%
Unemployment rate Ore. civilian labor force, seasonally adjusted 7.3% 6.4% 5.4% 190.0%
Portland/Van. MSA; Employed Six counties, thousands 1,101.4 1,101.9 1,101.9 0.0%
Portland/Van. MSA; Unemployment rate 6.4% 5.5% 4.6% 180.0%
Bend MSA; Employed Deschutes County, thousands 79.5 80.9 78.7 1.0%
Bend MSA; Unemployment rate 8.1% 6.7% 4.9% 320.0%
Corvallis MSA; Employed Benton County, thousands 41.3 40.2 41.2 0.1%
Corvallis MSA; Unemployment rate 5.0% 4.1% 3.8% 120.0%
Eugene/Springfield MSA; Employed Lane County, thousands 171.3 169.1 172.6 -0.8%
Eugene/Springfield MSA; Unemployment rate 7.5% 6.6% 4.9% 260.0%
Medford/Ashland MSA; Employed Jackson County, thousands 98.6 98.5 99.3 -0.7%
Medford/Ashland MSA; Unemployment rate 7.6% 6.7% 5.0% 260.0%
Salem MSA; Employed Marion and Polk counties, thousands 183.3 186.2 183.0 0.1%
Salem MSA; Unemployment rate 6.6% 5.5% 4.8% 180.0%
The Coast; Employed Five counties, thousands 87.1 88.7 0.0 -1.4%
The Coast; Unemployment rate 7.2% 5.7% 5.3% 190.0%
Central Oregon; Employed Eight counties, thousands 123.9 127.3 123.3 0.5%
Central Oregon; Unemployment rate 7.8% 6.5% 4.9% 290.0%
Eastern Oregon; Employed Nine counties, thousands 85.1 86.3 85.0 0.1%
Eastern Oregon; Unemployment rate 6.6% 5.8% 4.8% 180.0%
Help wanted ad count The Oregonian, Portland (November) 2,776 3,607 8,546 -67.5%
Help wanted ad count The Bulletin, Bend (November) 1,106 1,579 4,104 -73.1%
Oregon online job vacancies, total ads in thousands (November) 54 54 74 -27.1%
Portland online job vacancies, total ads in thousands (November) 34 36 54 -38.1%
New business corporations New filings (November) 672 855 849 -20.8%
Limited liability companies New filings (November) 1,488 1,934 1,917 -22.4%
Business bankruptcies New filings (November) 42 46 21 100.0%
Non-business bankruptcies New filings (November) 1,029 1,281 721 42.7%

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