100 Best Non-Profit Companies Merchandise

 If your company made this year's 100 Best Non-Profit Companies to Work For in Oregon list, share your achievement with customers, clients and employees with 100 Best Non-Profit Companies trophies, window clings and other branded merchandise.

100 Best Nonprofits survey begins in April


The 2017 100 Best Nonprofits survey opens April 18 and will run through June. Organizations must sign up initially and will then receive survey instructions. There is no cost to participate or be listed in the magazine.

  • Published in 2017

Cherry Raincoat


Spring rains are the bane of an Oregon cherry farmer’s existence. Even a few sprinkles can crack the fruit so badly it’s not worth picking. Science to the rescue: Researchers at Oregon State University have developed a spray-on film that cuts rain-related cracking in half, potentially saving a season’s crop. The coating, patented as SureSeal, is made from natural chemicals similar to those found in the skins of cherries: cellulose, palm oil-based wax and calcium.

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